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Title: Mycenean Listbuilding
Post by: bigchris on April 08, 2018, 04:48:39 PM
List 1.

I Corps
Competent General
2x Medium Swordsmen Impact Elite Armour
4x Heavy Spear
2x Light Infantry Javelin

II Corps
Brilliant General
6x Heavy Spear Pavise
2x Bowmen
2x Light Infantry Javelin

III Corps
Competent General
2x Heavy Chariot
4x Light Chariot

24 units, 200 points.
Title: Re: Mycenean Listbuilding
Post by: AvogadroTheMole on June 21, 2018, 05:51:24 PM
I do not think the II Corps general needs to be Brilliant. I am not sure he even needs to be +1.

Is the Pavise mandatory? In an open format I do not think it is a good use of points. In the ancient themes (and some others) it can be okay because bowmen (or other shooters) become more common. I would consider dropping them and/or redistributing them between the corps. The guys buried in the center of your line are unlikely to fall victim to stacked shots, while the guys on the end are usually much more vulnerable to this. A couple of pavises on the very edges may frustrate shooting while saving points near the center. If you try this, obviously, keep in mind where the enemy's shooters are deployed if your corp goes down second and change their positioning to foil the enemy's shooting units.

How many HChariots can you take in this list? They are the big bullies in this period. Especially if the list allows impact. I would suggest trying to get another heavy or two in there. Perhaps using points from the brilliant commander and/or pavises to upgrade the mediums. Medium chariots are cute when they have bow. But without they are just Mcav with no perks. They risk dying very quickly to most opponents. 4 Heavies and 2 mediums makes for a much more formidable mounted line. Additionally, the threat of a medium sneaking to a flank becomes much more serious with a larger group that will stand their ground (rather than fleeing or dying, like the extra Mcav probably would have done in their place).