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Author Topic: Change n schedule  (Read 302 times)


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Change n schedule
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:57:41 AM »
OK troops listen up,

Since we are moving to a more open and general gaming format, I'm going to loosen the schedule up somewhat.  While we are having a last hurrah for MW this month, I am going to spread out the activities to a more flexible open format.  This means;

Unless otherwise specified, either by myself, or by a club member who is planning on running a specific activity, we will be in an open gaming format.  This means you are all free to plan and bring games in to play however you like on a weekly basis.  Just let others know what you are looking to play and schedule a meetup.  I will still be running organized events and activities, but it will be every two months instead of every month.  This gives people an opportunity to come up with their own events, demo a game they think the club might like, or just have a casual game.

This change in schedule will begin in March.  Now, as always, suggestions or queries about specific events are always welcome.  If you have something you want to demo or bring in to try, then by all means do so.

Alright, back to work.
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